We're happy to provide you with what you need

But we can do the whole enchilada

things we do

Advise, unpack and re-imagine

We love advising (because we share our knowledge). We love Discovery (in our minds, if you do nothing else, do discovery)

Social Enterprise Partner

We love to work with social entrepreneurs and founders of for purpose businesses. We can help establish development teams for growing social enterprises.

Advisory for good

Our founder Kim is particular passionate about helping other founders do good. As such he is heavily focussed on working with for purpose founders that need everything from growth advisory to a part time non equity co-founder.


Business Transformation | create a strategy, plan or roadmap and bake it down in a way that is executable.

‍Digital Transformation | missing a digital strategy? Need to improve your work processes, ecommerce and digital products.


Start-up | We can advise of product, tech, growth, what a MVP really means.

Humans in your business | helps humans navigate strategy.

Innovation, re-imagine | We can help you unpack, revise and re-imagine.

Strategic Discovery

If you have a project or program road map planned. Talk to us and we can work with you to discover, refine and strategise before you engage development teams.

Project Discovery

As short as half a day, or run over a month. We know discovery is key to a successful outcome.

We use design thinking and other agile methods to deliver discovery.

Project Delivery

End to end project delivery. Research, discovery through to build and release. We focus on customers and successful outcomes