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Are human first

We do human before technology. Our core values are empathy and shared understanding

Team Be Human

Humanity Applied

About Us

Be Human is a human first organisation, for us and for our partners. We unpack and re-imagine Business and digital strategy.

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Our Experience

We've grown start-ups and built dozens of products, built business strategy, delivery and growth strategy.

Our Services

Strategic advisory
Startup and product advisory
Discovery and the Why, How and What

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We're business, digital and growth focused

Thought leadership and advisory

We are a group of leaders that deliver on business and digital strategy, human development and digital product.

Leadership, thought work and innovation are some of the  skills we've brought together together as one hell of a weapon.


We work with and create strategies for clients from transformation, business growth and innovation. From start ups to established businesses looking for their next growth phase.

We also work with clients for human strategies, culture and learning design.

Project Teams

We have project teams that can deliver digital products and project outcomes

Design Thinking

‍We leverage Design Thinking for a few reasons, firstly because it helps us connect as humans. We utilise divergent thinking to learn and discover, and then converge to identify the real problems and opportunities. 

Why, what and how

Simon Sinek has the golden circle, and we love it. Along with utilising frameworks, we love getting to the why, what and how with you

Be Human

creates meaningful human interaction, deliver value, and give back

kim spithill, be human io founder
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Be Human IO

We build empathy, learn and build in-depth customer knowledge, build frameworks with clients for success and only progress once we have a shared understanding.

We live in Sydney, submit your details, or send an email to humans@behuman.io or give us a call on 0451058382